Budweiser Hummer Story
Mark and his staff customized the ultimate tailgate system.
  3 Budweiser distributors currently have a tailgate hummer.  Birmingham Budweiser was the first, then Champagne Beverage Co. in Covington, LA called to have theirs customized. Lastly Eagle Distributing Co. out of Knoxville, TN wanted their hummer to party just as hard.

All of these Hummers designs were inspired and built by Mark and his crew. 

They have a complete motorized tailgate system. With a push of 1 button the 42" plasma TV cabinet rolls out of the back while the side windows open to expose 2 more 15" LCD monitors.  When the main cabinet stops, 2 more speaker boxes come out from behind the TV. 4 - 12" subwoofers. these are hiding behind the TV , and are powered by 2 - 1000W Memphis amplifiers. Followed by 2 - 300W Memphis amplifiers pushing 8 - 6"x9"s that are surrounding the TV. Next the main cabinet houses an x-box with 4 wireless controllers, a Wii, DVD player, XM receiver, AM/FM CD player, EQ, and also a wireless microphone.  The PA system can be used over any of the music for great Karaoke.  Each of these vehicles came complete with a custom owners manual, along with a DVD so anyone could operate this complex system.

Birmingham Budweiser said "Mark turned this H2 into the best advertising money could buy!"

The ULTIMATE  Tailgate!
***still under construction****